Fuelling Body, Mind and Spirit

Fuelling Mind,
Body and Spirit

A Balanced Approach
to Healthy Eating

by Miriam Hoffer

Miriam Hoffer faces off with the diet industry in this clear-sighted look at food, eating and women's relationship with their weight. Fuelling Body, Mind and Spirit not only considers what women eat, but also when, why, and how they make the food choices that they do. After exposing the effects of 'triangle' eating, Hoffer offers nutritional alternatives, with ways to break down the barriers to healthy eating faced by many women.


Drawing on her years of experience with Health Watch, a women's wellness clinic, Hoffer interweaves her liberating nutritional theories with insights on living well gleaned from her patients. With these women's words for inspiration and Hoffer's own practical advice, Fuelling Body, Mind and Spirit shows how, through balanced eating, we can respect our bodies, and reap the rewards of an energetic, healthy life.


About the Author:

Miriam Hoffer is a registered dietician working at Health Watch - a women's preventative health clinic at Women's College Hospital in Toronto - where she talks about nutrition and learns about life from her patients.


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